Quick Gear Review: Teton Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack

Snowshoes & poles easily attach

Fantastic pack for a great price!


I'm very impressed with this pack and I love using it!

It's a modern, innovative, well designed and lightweight backpack made with extremely durable material and strong zippers. It's comfortable for short and long trips and fits me very well as a stocky shorter man.

There is easy access to the interior from either the back, top or side. It has enough straps and length of webbing to allow attachment of larger gear, like snowshoes, to the outside, The neoprene gear pouches are quite handy.

The included poncho is a great idea, and can even be used as emergency shelter or to keep you and your pack dry in bad weather.
Poncho / Tarp included
The sleeping bag compartment is designed for lightweight bags, and is a little too small for a normal (say 4lb) bag.  Some of the outside straps could be a little longer or perhaps extension straps could be included or an accessory add-on.

I'm quite happy with this purchase. It's a very good value!
You can buy the this pack on Amazon... TETON Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack

Stay tuned for an in-depth long term review...

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